Here’s how I keep my inbox 0 unread everyday.

  • Unsubscribe from all newsletters. They are probably just information load for you. If you are not a serious Groupon user, just opt-out. You’ll check that out when you seriously need information.

  • Unsubscribe from email notifications. You use Facebook, Twitter or Github, Quora every day. You are already going to see who followed you on Twitter or mentioned you on Facebook when you log in. People can wait until the evening.

  • Get rid of all non-human emails. Use, it automatically detects such newsletter and notification emails, deletes them and sends all of them back you once a day in a single email.

  • Don’t use email notifications. If you are not waiting for a particular email, you don’t need your Mail app launched or that always-on Gmail tab on your browser.

I have also heard of Inbox Pause, it is pretty new and I haven’t tried it, yet.