Nearly two years ago I published my side project Docker.DotNet —an open source C#/.NET client library for the Docker Remote API. Ever since, many teams and critical products at Microsoft as well as outside Microsoft started to depend on this library.

I am happy to announce that Docker.DotNet is now an official Microsoft project. Members of the Windows containers team will be the new maintainers of the project. The project will remain open source and it will be open to your contributions as it always has been.

Until very recently, we tried hard to keep the project up-to-date with the Docker API changes manually. However, this task started to become really challenging over time. Thankfully, the heroic Windows containers team came in and wrote a code generator that generates the C# classes from Docker’s source code written in Go.

In the meantime, I’ve stopped writing C# and therefore I was no longer using this library myself. As more teams at Microsoft started to utilize this library, it started to become critical for the business. Some of them include products such as Docker-PowerShell, Docker Tools for VS, Azure Automation and the Azure Container Service.

It was the right time and the healthy thing to do for someone who cares deeper about the project to take it over. I am certain that they are in a much better position to maintain and ensure high quality code contributions.

I really would like to thank Josh Garverick who helped me maintain this library. Also a big thank you goes to the fantastic members of the Windows containers Team at Microsoft who are taking over the project. I have no doubts they will take good care of my baby.

Do not forget to watch our GitHub repository. Things are about to get even more awesome!