8 months in Microsoft, I learned these

Ahmet Alp Balkan
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Two years ago today, I started Microsoft Windows Azure as an intern, in the very same team I joined right after college and I am working for last 8 months.

I decided to summarize a few points I learned so far in this job during last 8 months. This may sound like the way things work are crappy, it is not. I learned that one will see this sort of problems in all large scale companies. Most of them are not specific to Microsoft at all. Every company has its own problems. I am not saying that I am unhappy and not complaining. These are purely a few lessons I was not aware of in the college (expectations vs reality sort of article). Read on:

(This post made it to the top of Hacker News and /r/programming. Thanks everyone for comments and support. There are over 1,000 comments on HN, Reddit and below, I did not have a chance to read them all, sorry if I missed yours.)

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